API For Product Managers

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API For Product Managers

Deepak Kumar
19 ratings


The #1 ebook (rated by ProductHunt) for non-tech folks to learn about API and get started with tech. 

Do you feel intimated by technology as a Product Manager? If you don't understand tech; your career growth as a PM is a big question mark!

There is a joke that goes around that if a PM understands APIs; they understand technology!

✅   Why do we even need APIs in the first instance?

✅   What exactly do we mean by an API?

✅   What is a request-response cycle?

✅   What are end-points & query parameters?

✅   How to read API documentation?

✅   How to work with Postman ? 

✅   What are the various error codes in API handling?

✅   How can we secure APIs? What is Oauth?

✅   Work with real API integration. 

And a lot many other things!

And, the best thing is like other ebooks this course is not in PDF version, you will get the course access on our premium platform.

If you face any issues accessing the product, feel free to reach out

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